5 Summer Swimwear Ideas...


5 Summer Swimwear Ideas...
5 Summer Swimwear Ideas...

You can go for the usual blue stripes bikini or you can rock this pair. You have ruffles a-plenty and two buttons to give off a totally sweet but sexy look.

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The first look is undeniably sexy. It screams Park Avenue mom, doesn't it? Check out the link for a more colorful look for beach and/or pool mommies this season.


Vintage-Inspired Vixen

This mono-kini may look modern but it actually is vintage-inspired. Inspiration were 50's designs but given a modern twist. HOT.


The first one-piece swimwear in this list is totally gorgeous. Here are things to love about it: the print, the ruffled details, the gold string, the interesting front design.


Well, there really is no other adjective to use if you do go to the beach wearing the polka dot beauty or the black bikini. If you have been looking for retro swimwear with a pin-up twist, check out this link.

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I love that one pieces are becoming so sexy and trendy! One pieces used to be so blah, but now they're fun! :) Great finds Meream!

I love how one-pieces have made a comeback. I've got one in the mail on its way to me!

I can't decide which one I love best! They are all so fabulous and yay for those one pieces. I've never been too comfortable showing off my midriff.

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