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With summer right around the corner, I’m sure you all are searching for cute swimsuits and swimsuit cover-ups. Strolling around all day in your swimsuit is not good for you, so it is very important to find a cute swimsuit cover-up. Here are some of the cutest swimsuit cover-ups that I found while shopping. You can find all of them at Modcloth!

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Seaside Kaleidoscope Cover-up

Seaside Kaleidoscope Cover-up I absolutely love this and it is one of my favorite swimsuit cover-ups! This swimsuit cover-up kills two birds with one stone: it's a unique romper-style, and the ultra-bright geometric print is so on trend. And look! It has pockets!


La Mer the Merrier Cover-up

La Mer the Merrier Cover-up I think that this is a really fun swimsuit cover-up! it's very retro, and I like that it has pockets, so you can store your lip balm, your cell phone, and even a small tube of SPF. I also love that this coverup is the color of sand, neutral, so it'll match almost any swimsuit.


Beach Read Cover-up

Beach Read Cover-up Choose from cute coral or neutral off-white - either way, this cover-up is gorgeous! I love the lace detail, and that it comes in plus sizes, so we can all rock it at the beach!


Radiant as the Sun Cover-up

Here's another cute romper-style cover-up, with the same bright pop of color. I like this one because it has pockets, perfect for stowing a cell phone! You have to love the convenience.


That's for Shore Cover-up

The embroidery on this fun cover-up is really attractive in person. This cover-up has a really relaxed fit. The dropped waist and pleated skirt make it even sweeter. It's available in black or white.

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Changing Tides Cover-up Shorts

Changing Tides Cover-up Shorts This super flirty swimsuit cover-up is so unique! It's open-knit shorts, so the world can still see your cute swimsuit, but it's a little more modest for walking along the boardwalk, especially when paired with a sheer cardigan.


Infinity Cool Cover-up

Infinity Cool Cover-up Styled after your favorite cozy robe, this is the ultimate comfort cover-up. I love the contrast of the white eyelet over the turquoise terrycloth.


Seaside Lounge Cover-up

Seaside Lounge Cover-up This colorful swimsuit cover-up is just calling my name! I would totally wear this to the beach! It’s so eye catching, with the fringe detail and the bright color. If red's not your thing, it comes in blue, too.


Belle of the Volleyball Cover-up

Belle of the Volleyball Cover-up I know, I know, another romper-style cover-up, but this one is so cute, I had to include it! I love the sheer lace detail, but be sure to wear sunscreen, or you'll end up with some very strange tan lines! It's available in black or white.


Waikiki Beach Cover-up

Waikiki Beach Cover-up Choose from back or white, and cover up after a day of basking on the beach! This cover-up is very demure, and I adore the lace detail on the sleeves.


Lush Locale Cover-up

Lush Locale Cover-up Love ruffles? Then this is the beach cover-up for you! It's really pretty, in a nice neutral black, but I wish it came in more colors, like a bright yellow. Next summer, right?

These are some of my absolute favorite swimsuit cover-ups! Are you going to wear any of these this spring and summer? Where do you like to shop for your swimsuit cover-ups?

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Nvm !!

where do I get the shorts from😍😍

I need those shorts !


Thanks for including plus sized options !

where do I get the shorts from😍😍

I love number 4

Those shorts are so cute!! Where are they from??

I will work out for years just to fit those shorts!!!! Where can I buy them?

I like the idea of a cover-up for swimsuits, but I think the best one would be something that can protect the skin - no lacy ones for me, otherwise I'd get sunburnt!

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